Our Concept

Many hands make light work. The Rubicon concept.

Rubicon Pharmacies Canada Inc., based in Western Canada, was established to provide a viable way forward for independent pharmacists.

Three senior executives in the pharmacy sector saw at first-hand the effects that market consolidation was having on community drugstores. Through Rubicon, they created a co-investment business model that provides a wide range of business support services.

As a Rubicon managing partner, our network will help you:

  • Maintain input into the business you've built up
  • Maximize buying power, to make your drugstore more profitable
  • Potentially increase revenue through expansion of product lines
  • Ensure you have a healthy work-life balance, through human resources support
  • Develop a retirement/exit plan, releasing some of your equity now
  • Stay invested in an industry you know and love

Also, we present great business opportunities for pharmacists starting out in their careers, and provide them with support services, advice from peers, and confidence.

At Rubicon, we believe that relationships are key to the total wellness experience - and that applies to pharmacists and customer, as well as pharmacist and Rubicon.